Thursday, September 25, 2014

Resurrection from the Dead.

If you recall around 6 plus months ago I had inadvertently dropped the GoPro Hero 3 camera into a tote of laundry and lots and lots of water. In the split second thereafter, it was snatched up, with my cursing, then fell silent. The camera was dead. $400 was no more.

That was last winter. As you can imagine, I was reluctant to dig into expensive electronics. It took months of writing it off until it came back up. Over the last couple days, I gave the GoPro to a friend to take apart. He noticed a bit of dried soap and corrosion inside. However, due to not having small enough Torx tools to open it further up, he had to stop. Luckily I had a T4 small enough. 

Removed all the ribbon cords. The lens. The printed circuit boards. Everything. Q-tip in hand, off I went. So much green copper corrosion on the terminals and powdery dried soap.

In the end, it was put back together as it came apart. Then plugged into the computer to charge the battery. After 15 minutes, the LCD screen beeped on. There she was. A Lazarus coming back to say hello!

:) Oh, happy day was yesterday!

Now I can return to getting better at making vlogs. Chronicling my journey over the years. Hopefully even some Plant growth Time-lapsing.

Hope all is well with you!

- Cloud

Video # 51 - Flashback - REI Tent Life Aug 2013


  1. Zombie camera? The Filming Dead? Night of the Go Pro Dead? GoProZ?

  2. Glad were able to save it!

    I almost bought GoPro when I bought my cheap Sony. Wish I would have bought the GoPro for $200 more.

    I washed my cell phone once, yes a whole cycle :o) I had heard people who had dropped their cameras in a lake immediately dried it best they could, removed the battery and bury it in rice (the rice is a desiccant). Well that's what I did with my phone and after a week I took it out of the rice, put the battery in it and it worked!!!
    So the next time you do that try the rice.

    1. At $400, I agree! Glad we saved it. At the time I might have been more interested in eating the rice. Not sure. Quite a while ago.

      Having the camera back makes for much improved video. Leaving me with a number of options to give the videos some flare beside resolution. I am sure you have already seen the #51 above and yesterdays #52 (New GoPro footage taken yesterday on a STICK ! )

      Much to the nagging of my friend, who creates most of the Electronic music for the videos, I was playing around with Time-lapse photography. I have some interesting stuff in the works. :-D