Sunday, December 25, 2011


Work Total : 23 Hours - Front Yard digging and Back Yard Double-Dig

Fairly productive day. Spent 2 hours outside. Lawn-mower battery finally showed up after several months of hiatus. Mulched the leaves into the grass. Collected a bag full of grass clippings to add something green to the compost pile. Yay! Mowing on Christmas day. Geesh. Been quite a mild winter so far! Very thankful, however, I still have plenty to do before spring rolls around and things want to sprout! Did you know that when you mow your yard in winter, Christmas of all days, people begin to believe that you received a lawn-mower for the holiday as a gift? *Shrugs
Finally bought a spading fork. Now can begin the process of double digging the beds. (Working in the Back yard) I wouldn't say it is difficult work, just a lot of it to do. The compacted soil increases in volume quite a bit. Breaking up and loosening the soil down to two feet in depth appears to raise it above ground by a foot or so. That's some soil compaction! It is going to need some wooden borders soon to define the edges.

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  1. That's a lot of work! the beds look great. I think the fruit trees are a great idea.