Monday, August 11, 2014

Sturgis 2014

Made it home around 10pm last night. Spent a week up in Sturgis, SD. Saw a bunch of bikes. A few people topless and assless chaps that shouldn't have done.... Although, there were some visual highlights! Crazy horse. Mount Rushmore. Scenery.

Had Kevin take care of Mr.P for the week. He was happy to see me return though.

Now it is back to the grind of living Free and Easy. Debating whether I want to Mow, clean up the havoc of the Trailer tear down, or continue listening to the weather roll in.

I missed it by a few hours, but apparently there was a very wild hail storm up here around Cripple Creek, CO. 

Actually. If you guys recall my 'Hobbit' REI tent I was living in before the house was dried in, that is interesting story.

On Saturday we all went to downtown Sturgis to see the last bits of it all. A storm rolled in. Basically shut the entire place down for the 2014 Season. We all had to hop from shop to shop to make it back to the truck. Even waiting an hour or so in one shop in particular. Deluges of water came down over all the food stands, completely ruining their grills of food. Even the tent we were in ended up springing a leak at the seams. A torrent river of water came crashing down against a wall of leather vests/jackets. The employees, of course, were not thrilled.

When we did finally make it back to base camp... I found my Hobbit tent mashed up. The weather had ripped a huge gash in the Fly. Snapped the aluminum backbone of it. Inside I found a kiddy pool of water.

Just what we want to find when we return for the night and desire sleep. ;-)

Luckily, I came back in time to toss the sleeping bag in the drier before the water penetrated the nylon shell and saturated the down. The front also passed, so I could haphazardly dump out the water, Remove the fly. Bend the poles back-ish. Sleep on a rolled out dry towel. Using my pack as a pillow. (My mat was filled with water)

Also. I am happy to report that my call to REI earlier came to the knowledge that I can either replace it or refund it. Just have to make it down there. (A weight off as this thing was $418 all in)

How did you all fare this week??

- Cloud


  1. Yes Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week are a magnet for the display of nasty looking things that shouldn't be on display. But I do go to Daytona just to see what the sub-humans are up to. :-)

    I've been working my butt off around the house. A long laundry list of small things that need attention or repair needs an army of help to get finished and I'm the army of one!
    As soon as I can get all these things finished I want to spend most of my time practicing and enjoying prepping, fishing, baking, cooking and especially hunting, not that I want to bag anything, but it is the hunt and being in the woods that is great fun. Who knows when TSHTF I may have some skills to help feed myself and my friends.

    The next vehicle you buy should be a mini-van. Good fuel mileage and you can sleep high and dry inside like I do with mine. Just a thought!

    1. A mini-van can be a good idea. I think if you had a rack over the cabin, you could managed to get a thousand watts of solar on the roof. 7-1000 watts. Depending if you use the flexible panels or the typical polycrystaline. That is a working amount to bug out and not feel the stress as much as you would if you lacked a few pleasantries.

  2. Sturgis sounds like fun. That is a great break form the day to day strain of being retired. Ha Ha If you get your money back from the tent, $450.00 will buy a lot of sheetrock to finish the house, but Isupose it would limit your travel some by having no place to stay. I guess replacing it would be the smart thing in the long run. It has served you well for a long time and I'll bet it feels almost like home when you camp in it. The plan of the little house for sale should raise all the funds you need to finish the walls. There might be some delay while you wait to sell it. You might think in terms of advertising the little house for sale even before you complete it to speed up the sale. Don't work too hard over the next few days you have to work back slowely to your retired status or you might over do it and hirt your self. What ever happened to the big dig you were doing? That kinda dropped off the radar while you were not blogging for a while.

    1. Cracks me up. I'll make a point to ease into it. No point hyper-extending myself. ;-)

      The hole is still there. It actually falls in the section where I wish to move the Tiny House to, so it can be more in line with the gazebo and solar array. I was waiting on being able to bury a cistern in it, or for my neighbor to get a back ho to dig it further to access a shallow spring.

  3. You should have taken some pictures at Sturgis, but I guess you could not have put them on the blog. lmao Those type of things are best enjoyed in person and then forgotten. Welcome back.