Monday, August 25, 2014

Video Blog #46. A Look Inside the House

Greetings and Salutations :

Posted a new video. I am still saddened at the lost of the GoPro and its wonderful video. The show must go on!

Did a bit of re-arranging the house the other day. Really feels like I added 100SF to it. It has a more open floor plan.

I think by not finishing it last year, it allowed me to actually see how it all flows together. Now I can build it to be much more functional.

- Cloud

Here is a couple shots of this afternoon with a lovely rain event and then the golden sun rays peering out thereafter.


  1. Thanks for the update. Are you planning on using drywall or wood paneling inside your home?
    Lucky you found the blade and especially the nut! My luck would have been the blade would have flown through the house wall, struck a propane tank caused a massive leak, ignited and burnt the whole place down :o)

    1. You crack me up! That is what we call in the aviation trade as a 'chain of events'. Remove any one of those components and thing may turn out radically different.

      Whichever can be had inexpensively. Drywall is fine. Otherwise luane with the seams covered in a furring strip. I've even kicked around the idea of accent walls using corrugated galvalume.

      I would love to finish drywall in the next few weeks. I'm working side jobs, aiding construction, hopefully I can use that money to finish it off.

      It would make an immense improvement/change/feeling.

    2. Once you have the interior finished with drywall it will look and feel like a real home.

    3. *Shakes head* Are you playfully jabbing me, Mike? :) I am working on it. I think I can get it done within a week or two.

    4. I have put it out there and my friend is planning on helping me out on that along with really getting the shower installed/bathroom closed in.

      He really wants to help my dating life by getting these things done so I can find a nice girl and keep her around. (With drywall and indoor bathroom)

    5. Yup, the indoor bathroom would be my priority one! The bare walls she may feel is an adventure and all will be well.